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Todd Burke has been contracted to produce the psychological thriller film “Niwot’s Curse,” along side Award-Winning Director/Writer Donna Marek. Academy-Award winner Clint Eastwood has called Donna Marek - “Cecil B. DeMille” of our time, and as the Writer/Director of her new feature film, she has retained Burke as Producer.

At the same time, Burke is the Executive Producer and creator of his upcoming fairy tale film “The Legend of Izzno Wyatt” produced under his Warbonnet Films company which he established in 2007. That same year, Burke created and launched the first “Film Cannon” Film Festival to bring awareness to Independent Filmmaking in Colorado.

An avid entrepreneur, Todd Burke has been Founder and CEO of multiple firms over the last 20 years in industries such as Wireless Technology Infrastructure, Spa & Adventure Travel and Historical Restoration. Todd’s work in the luxury travel industry has brought him national attention in such magazines as Vogue, Travel & Leisure and Luxury Spa Finder among others.

“Todd’s personality, superb business background and entrepreneurial spirit are what we needed. We share many ideas in common,” Marek said. “I’m fortunate to be working so closely with him on this film. His participation will be good for everyone involved.”