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Director's Notes

Multi award-winning Director/Producer Donna Marek has three previous films to her credit with theatrical releases. Each was different: the highly regarded full length film “Unsung Heroes” in 2006 to United Artists through Regal Entertainment; the 2005 feature “The Break-Up” to Starz and Landmark Theaters along with “The Battle for College Hill-Anywhere America.” Marek was invited to the Emmy’s in 2006 and to “Walk the Red Carpet” in Cannes, France in 2007. She appreciates the opportunity of working, for years, with multi Academy Award Winning Director/Producer icon Clint Eastwood who called her “Cecil B. deMille” for her creativity and extravaganzas. Marek’s extensive media background (writing, producing and directing for TV, photojournalism, and international public relations) have come in handy. On set, she’s known to be quiet, have a well-rehearsed cast, use low budget well and enjoy the adventure with everyone.

From Director Donna Marek:
About filmmaking: Clint once said to me, “I don’t do it for awards!” I fully understand what he meant. I believe filmmaking is about bringing talent together who share a passion for film, positive spirit and energy. This leads to films that audiences enjoy and can be commercially successful so everyone gets paid! Awards are a joyful bonus when they occur!

Directing GraceMar Entertainment’s new feature film “Niwot’s Curse” came with challenge and fun. I’m not a fan of slasher or gory movies but psychological thrillers like ours can be far more entertaining and scary than one filled with blatant violence. This one adds humor!

The story happened in stages…writing a note about a historic building, asking myself: what if I looked into the water as I sat on the shore in Pebble Beach, California or at a stream and saw something horrifying or a bag of gold or something funny!

I am pleased and grateful to have a fantastically creative and dedicated staff, crew and talented award-winning actors., and about 200 interested extras, too! From web sites to set design, graphic art to viral marketing, this huge film has been given some remarkable talent.

Filmmaking is definitely not a solitary venture. We believe audiences will enjoy “Niwot’s Curse” as much as we have in making it.